Next Ecuador Mission: March 1st-8th, 2011

I am very pleased to present Project Ecuador's bi-lingual website promoting this Humanitarian effort that has helped save hundreds of lives since 2006.

We are Lifeguards responding to Ecuador's call for help. We "Train" young men an women a be effective ocean lifeguards. We create "Jobs". We "Volunteer" our services at the peak season; Carnival. We save lives. We will gladly do it again.

Ecuador has beautiful untouched beaches raw with nature. Unaltered rivers carve deep trenches in the ocean's bottom causing repeatative rip currents to threaten and take lives. Project Ecuador, the Ecuador government and over 70 Ecuador lifeguards are here to realize "life is the most important issue".

- Paul Dunning, Project Ecuador Founder

Update: Click here for the 2011 Invitation to Ecuador Carnival! [PDF]