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Date: Thursday February 18, 6:39 pm

On Thursday February 18th, the Ministerio de Turismo agreed to immediately move forward in the application process to join the ILSF. Salvavidas del Ecuador will be the new national association / foundation to consolidate all lifeguard operations in all regions, including volunteer lifeguards, city lifeguards, fire dept. lifeguards and red cross lifeguards through a certification process already established by Project Ecuador and a forthcoming national training roll-out.

Founder Paul Dunning and Director Gabriela Munoz Ocana solidified this historic agreement with Jorge Proano Bonilla, Subsecretario de Planificacion from the Ministerio de Turismo.





Date: Wednesday February 17, 11:54 am

Mayor Jamie Estrada Bonilla formally recognizes Project Ecuador with a Letter of Recognition and Gratitude. A post carnival press conference was the venue allowing Paul Dunning and volunteer Marcos Pimental to discuss the rescues, training accomplishments and merits of the lifeguarding profession.

Officials from the Port, Fire Department and Ministry of Tourism are eager to revitalize this Sister City relationship.





Date: Friday February 12, 3:28 pm

Shortly after arrival, the fire chief of Manta pays Project Ecuador a visit. Jeff thanks the Chief for his hospitality and support of our mission. A television news crew interviews Gabby, the Chief, and Jeff.



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Date: Friday February 12, 3:06 pm



Arriving in Manta, the team was greeted by firemen at the fire station Project Ecuador would call home for the duration of the mission.

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Date: Friday February 12, 2:19 pm


6AM, Nucapacha Hostel, Guayaquil:

Bill, Jeff, Mike, Nick, Gabby, Miguel, and Andres load lifesaving equipment and luggage into a flatbed truck, then pile themselves into a taxi van headed to Manta.

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Date: Tuesday February 9, 9:07 pm

Manta ready to welcome our training and modern equipment. View the News Link below.





Date: Tuesday February 9, 3:44 pm

No American volunteers will work in Playas for Carnival 2010. Mayor, Michael Achi believes 2 Ecuadorian lifeguards can handle the Carnival crowds in Playas. As of Tuesday, he would not reinstate the 20 lifeguards per direct communication from Project Ecuador director, Bridget Srodon. Our mission is to create jobs, not replace jobs. We stand side by side with our Ecuadorian brothers. This is truly a sad day…. citizens will drown.





Date: Monday February 8, 12:09 pm

Wet Sand Surf Forecast for Ecuador during Carnival

Wet Sand Surf Forecast for Ecuador during Carnival

Building long period Southwest swell beginning mid Friday thru Sunday. Swell 5 feet. Waves 7 to 9 feet. Get ready for major rescues!
Paul Dunning





Date: Monday February 8, 12:05 pm

Check out the latest video / article from the volunteers from Avila Beach!





Date: Monday February 1, 1:54 pm

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