For the first year, Project Ecuador volunteers helped Salinas and the Mayor welcomed our volunteers with a public ceremony showing unity in our efforts.  Director Gabriela Munoz Ocana and her brother, Miguel Munoz helped organize our mission in this region.


Lifeguards without Borders from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, led this region with Matt Duffy at the helm along with Dr. Justin Sempsrott stateside.  Matt was joined by 13 fellow JAX guards, Gust Hapsis, Chris Saggau, Casey Donnell, James Lentz, Michel Schindler, Taylor Anderson, Bill Posch, Alex McKellop, Duncan Campbell, Eli Phillips, Josh Langley, Erica Moyer and Rosan Patel.  Photographer Mike Bradshaw joined this team for his 2nd year covering our mission.  The Salinas Fire Dept. lifeguards collaborated with Project Ecuador to help 4 beaches, one that was previously closed due to recent drownings.  JAX guards made a major multiple rescue at this dangerous beach restoring confidence to tourists.  A second group of 6 Santa Barbara lifeguards helped the elite Montanita group of 21 lifeguards trained and certified by PE Director Rodney Williamson.


Photo:  Reception by Salinas Mayor Paul Borbon with Gabriela Munoz Ocana, EC lifeguards and USA lifeguards from Jacksonville, FL - Lifeguards without Borders.