Project Ecuador began in Playas and they now have an elite group of 15 lifeguards with the longest history of support from City Hall. Mayor Michael Achi has full time lifeguards on the payroll. A great significance is the history of EC lifeguards. Playas was led by Jason Hudson from North Carolina Corolla Beach. Playas is one of the most crowded beaches in the world and probably most dangerous because of the surf. Jason was joined by Newport Beach Lifeguard Flavia McBride, Corolla Beach Lifeguard Katie Harm, LA County Lifeguard, Randal Fenderson and Ecuadorian Andres Salmimento, plus volunteer Henry Reyes and Julia Sanchez.playas-lifeguards-in-parade1


Playas Lifeguards in new uniforms pose for a group photo before a recent parade.

These guys look great!  Salvavidas del Ecuador!!