Bridget Srodon, Director

Bridget Srodon has been a Los Angeles lifeguard since 2001. Dedicated to lifesaving, she currently works for the LA County Lifeguards with prior experience as a rescue boat deckhand, swift water rescue instructor and lifeguard supervisor for the City of Los Angeles. She is an avid surfer, waterwoman and competitive paddler/swimmer. When she's not at the beach, she's studying medicine or working in the Emergency Room.

While in Playas during Carnival 2009, Bridget met the love of her life: Jhens Cedeno Pisco an Ecuadorian Lifeguard. They will be getting married in California in May 2011. She has returned several times to Ecuador, bringing donations of uniforms and equipment. Bridget spent 7 months training the Playas lifeguards in swimming, CPR and First Aid to meet international standards. Bridget will be a summer lifeguard in California then will return Ecuador in the fall to help with National Training.