Gabriela Muñoz Ocaña, Director

Gabriela Muñoz was born in the city of Quevedo-Los Rios. She lived in Quito for several years before settling in Playas-Guayas where she attended high school. In 2008, Project Ecuador trained Gabriela along with her brother Miguel Augustin and eight others to become certified lifeguards in Playas. Currently, she is a law student at the Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil.

Additionally, Gabriela attended a conference on the management of coastal natural resources in 2008 at the UCSG and George Washington University. Gabriela developed "Institucionalización de Grupos de Salvavidas" which suggests how coastal areas can manage lifeguards.

Gabriela provides the coordination and execution of volunteer deployment in Ecuador. She works with government authorities in Guayas, Santa Elena and Manabi to organize itineraries and manage event logistics. Gabriela, an active volunteer, recognizes the value of volunteerism and the need to support humanitarian efforts.