Project Ecuador just celebrated its 4th Anniversary helping Ecuador achieve International Life Saving (ILS) standards.  ILS certification begins now.  Directors Gaby Munoz Ocana, Rodney Williamson and Bridget Srodon have made significant progress towards our goals through training and diplomacy.   

Volunteers are the key to success.

Over 50 American lifeguards have volunteered to train Ecuadorians and safe guard 16 beaches in 3 Provinces.  Our brother Ecuadorian lifeguards have watched and learned.   They want to earn the right to be a certified lifeguard.  This year, over 25 Americans will cover all coastal Provinces helping over 150 Ecuadorian Lifeguards.  An estimated 300,000 tourists will go to the beach and they cannot swim.

Municipalities are the key to sustainability.

We have helped key cities that, over time, have learned the importance of safety in the aquatic environment.  They are ready to add professional lifeguards to their communities.  Co-operative agreements have been prepared for execution signifying formal support of professional lifeguard agencies in Ecuador.

During Carnival 2010, the government reported 18 deaths by drowning.  This number will go down with your help..

Volunteers save lives.  Please Volunteer.  You will make a difference in the world.

Paul Dunning